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by Reg Greenwold. 1998

Eight Ash Green village hall was opened on Saturday December 11th. 1948 by Captain H. Hines, County Councillor of Aldham. After the official opening, a Grand Bazaar was held, the proceeds which was used to defray the cost of erecting the village hall.

But before this event, the year had been taken up with fund raising events such as social functions, whist drives, and children's pantomime rehearsals, these taking place in a chicken hut at Eight Ash Farm, and later in a Nissen hut next door to the old Star Inn, Fordham Heath, and then in the Co-op hall in Colchester. Finally, land was purchased for 60 from Ted Frostick, the owner of the Half Moon pub and farm

After looking at three Nissen huts, Arthur Millbank, a local builder, and volunteers obtained one from Matching Green, and with the voluntary efforts of the Women's Institute, Men's Club, and other organizations in the village, enough money was raised to pay for everything. vill_hall1998.jpg (37756 bytes)

For three weeks, volunteers, devoted all their spare time towards reassembling the large Nissen hut, and as they moved out on completion, the opening ceremony took place and raised 113 towards equipment and various items for the inside of the hall. The Doctors surgery, previously held in a private bungalow in nearby Seven Star Green, was now able to move to the new village hall, holding surgery twice a week.

In about 1955 the village hall floor was in such a state, it was decided that it would be replaced. The Corn Exchange in Colchester was about to do the same thing, replacing their maple flooring with new, their old maple flooring was purchased for the village hall for 112, and with the usual volunteers, it was laid down, and with plenty of sanding and polishing, which took 204 man hours, it came up like new.

When the hall was used more, with the growth of the village, it was decided that owing to the embarrassment of the small toilets, the hall should be extended to house new toilets, and extend the kitchen, and have a back area for storage. In 1972, a grant was was given towards the 16000 needed for the extension.

Later on, land at the rear of the hall was purchased for 500, and the forecourt was asphalted, which was long overdue. The village hall has an ongoing building fund with a great deal of help from the Parish Council.

To this day, a new hall is planned for somewhere in the village, when a suitable site, and funds can be found. 

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